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Digital Influencers: Use in moderation

Digital influencers, or digital influencer, is a term linked to digital marketing that has been talked about lately. Even though it seems to be something extremely new and revolutionary, it is not.

The remarkable presence of people who influence through the digital world has existed since the emergence of bloggers, when they gave opinions, made reviews and talked about some brand or product.

As our relationship with the digital world grows and we get more logged in, it is inevitable that we identify with a particular person or brand. When a doubt arises, or when we need an opinion, our tendency is usually not to believe everything the advertisements say, but rather to look for someone who is authoritative in the subject to know their opinion. This is where digital influencers gain prominence - and money.
Whether by photo, video or text, true digital influencers can actually influence their followers in their decisions. That's a good point, and there are signs that the company needs to invest in social networks to grow. As it is a new business, the cost to make this bridge between product - influencer - followers, ends up varying according to fame, time and each influencer.
Due to the huge amount of time spent on social networks and application features, brand names and sponsor services often come in subliminally. It is common for a famous saying to followers, for example, who is dining at restaurant X and that the dish Y is incredible. It may just seem like someone sharing your dinner, but actually it's a merchand from that restaurant.

The internet gave everyone a voice. Therefore, it is more common to find people wanting to express their opinions, than an audience that wants to listen. These new possibilities of interaction between people made everyone within the world of communication re-evaluate their ways of working, whether propagating products or information.

These new ways of spreading ideas, as in the example of the restaurant mentioned above, end up bringing a delicate question to the followers: how much are we influenced? Our ability to conduct a more critical analysis of the issues presented to us depends directly on our repertoire.
It is dangerous to fully believe in everything a digital influencer says about a certain subject. We need to remember that there is a patronage behind such a positive opinion, or of the products received seemingly without reason of a specific mark. Therefore, we must strike a balance between what we hear from the influencers and what other sources of research say about the topic addressed.

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