Why Instagram is the Best Marketing tool for your Brand

How to use Instagram to improve your company's marketing

With over 300 million active daily users, Instagram really is a social networking giant that any company would be crazy about not using for marketing. It started out as a simple photo-editing and photo-sharing application, but has since evolved into one of the most popular visual social networking platforms in the world.

In fact, Instagram grew so big that in 2012, when the app was still in its teens, Facebook bought for $ 1 billion. Today, anyone can take professional-looking photos and videos with the free app, using the many features including photo filters and advanced image editing, and then share their work with their followers.

Instagram allows any company to showcase their brand, products and day-to-day business operations through a series of photos and videos, while reaching out to some of its worldwide audiences with over 500 million users.

Features of Instagram:

Before you start officially advertising on Instagram, you want to have an active account and profile for your company. You will have to do some research if you do not know who your audience is yet, but once you do, you can begin adapting your Instagram posts to achieve them specifically.

Finding, following and liking users within your target audience can also help you get noticed. Skimming someone else's post may induce them to look at your profile and enjoy your content. With more tastes and followers on Instagram, its prominence will increase as well. 4.2 billion posts are "liked" daily, which means there are a lot of people out there exploring Instagram for new content. Give people an idea of ​​your business by showing them what it is to work in your business, or giving them a backstage view of a next product.

You want to add #hashtags all your posts for maximum visibility, so potential customers can find you through the Explore tab or the search function. When you publish a photo, you can also tag people in the photo, which is useful if one of your loyal customers is an Instragram user (you can upload a shot of them by leveraging your product and @ tag them so they can see it).

There are more than 95 million posts published daily on Instagram. Using the appropriate hashtags and tagging users can help people find their posts through the massive stream of photos and videos daily. For even more exposure, you can run contests and giveaways through your Instagram account because, let's be honest, who does not love free stuff? The more you post and interact with the community on Instagram, the more you can meet.

Instagram Ad Solutions:

There are three different ad formats that Instagram offers to companies seeking to increase their exposure within the app: photo ads, video ads and carousel ads, all with similar characteristics, but show their business and products in slightly different ways. Users will know that your post is an official announcement and not just a personal post because the word "Sponsored" will appear just above the right corner of the photo or video.

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